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Catweasel MK4plus PCI
(Attention: SID chips are not included with the Catweasel card!)
Fourth Generation, Reloaded

The Catweasel MK4plus replaces the Catweasel MK4, which is sold out and discontinued. The main changes are of cosmetic nature, but there have also been improvements made following customer feedback in some places.
The one easily visible change is that the new card is no longer low-profile PCI compliant. This feature of the old Catweasel MK4 was rarely used by customers, so it was decided to use the increased space for a better arrangement of the two SID sockets. These are more easily accessible now. Additional filters in the audio part are geared towards filtering noise from high-performance graphics cards and low-quality power supplies. Another novelty is the external audio jack and an angled internal audio connector for better accessibility.


Catweasel ISA/MK3/MK4 (PC versions) files and links
Windows drivers for ISA, MK3 and MK4 including developer docs (May 8th, 2005): CWMK40109.zip (175K)
Public beta driver for Win2000 and WinXP (december 1st, 2006): CWMK42100.zip (103K)
Christmas-update, stable release version for Win2000 and WinXP (december 21st, 2006): CWMK42200.zip (105K)
stable beta version for Win2000 and WinXP (April 2nd, 2007): CWMK4020407.zip (189K)
Hotfix for the Imagetool (mai 12th, 2007, only good for driver V2.3.0.0 and Amiga-disks!): imagetool_hotfix.zip (77,6K)

Public beta-drivers for Windows 98SE (ISA and MK3 only, includes ADFview): CW_win.zip (230K)
Update to windows drivers including Amiga keyboard driver (dec 16th, 2002, ISA and MK3 only): cw_win_pci.zip (115K)
Windows-drivers V3.0.3 for Arjuna (Jan. 31st, 2004 - experimental!) cw303.zip(86K)
Emulator users may also be interisted in the software for the Catweasel MK2.


Arjuna at Sourceforge
Tim Mann's TRS-80 Pages
Michael Krause's cwfloppy driver for linux

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