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ACA - the Amiga Classic Accelerator.

This accelerator comes with a 50MHz 68030 processor (incl. MMU) in gold/ceramic and 128MBytes physical memory. 1MByte of this memory is reserved for Kickstart re-mapping. This is a limited edtion, featuring a new SD-RAM controller that was developed specifically for this 55.55MHz version. Also, Chipram access speed has been optimized in comparison to our earlier 68030 accelerators. Every single card has been tested to be compatible with the rate of overclocking. You may need to remove the cover of your A1200 trapdoor in order to have enough cooling for the processor.

Please note that only the processor of this card is overclocked, while all other components are operated within specification.

No other accelerator before has given the user the possibility to load a 1MByte Kickstart rom and keep it reset-proof until the next power cycle. Software cannot tell a difference between a real ROM and a mapped Kickstart. Not only is this space twice as big as with any other accelerator before, but the user also benefits from the extremely fast memory interface with very low first-access-penalty and fast burst sequence.

Best thing about the ACA Maprom feature: The ACA cards do not need an MMU for this. Most other accelerator cards require the MMU for Kickstart mapping, so it's not available to other applications.

The ACA1233-55 boards have much faster memory performance than any other accelerator before - especially with cache and burst enabled. That's because the burst sequence is the fastest-possible sequence that the 68030 can perform: It's a sequence of four 32-bit transfers in four CPU cycles, which has not been shown before we first introduced the ACA1230 in 2010. The result is that the ACA1233-55 is one of the fastest 68030-based accelerators that have ever been sold.

In addition to that, the ACA1233-55 makes sure that the exec base in burst-capable, cacheable 32-bit fastmem. This is another "first" that we've introduced to the world of 68020/68030 accelerators for the A1200.

Another huge improvement over older accelerators is memory mapping to the legacy 0x00c0.0000 address. This is the location where many A500 games expect a trapdoor memory expansion. The ACA1233 cards give a good compatibility boost only because of this little chunk of memory in the right place.

The ACA1233 is PCMCIA-friendly: It will not disable the PCMCIA slot, so you can continue to use a networking card in that slot.

If you're planning to use this accelerator in an A1200, you might want to add an RTC module, which is available separately in this shop. If used on the ACA500, the real time clock of your trapdoor expansion will be used.

Package contains:

  • Accelerator with RAM and CPU assembled
  • short installation manual
  • jumper for disabling the card

You will need in addition to that:

  • transfer method for the ACAtune tool to your Amiga (free download from our wiki)
  • motherboard patches as described by Commodore: A1200 capacitors E123C and E125C may need to be removed.

Processors on this card are used and may have scratches.

ACA1233-55 w/ used CPU