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ACE2 stands for Amiga Chipram Extender 2MBytes. It is installed in the socket of the Fat Agnus chip of your OCS/ECS Amiga. ACE2b is the name of the successor product to ACE2 with identical product specifications. It is compatible with these Amiga models:

  • A500 up to board rev. 7
  • A1500 and A2000, Rev. 4.1 and higher
  • CDTV
  • A2500 Rev. 4.1 and higher

In addition to installation in the Agnus socket, ACE2b gets more signals from the Gary chip. The adapter that goes between the Gary and the main board is part of the product.

As opposed to previous designs of the 1990s, no jumpers on the main board or memory expansions need to be changed, and no soldering needs to be performed. Further, ACE2b does not rely on existing memory to be present: The complete 2MBytes of Chip ram is located on ACE2b, and the chip ram on the main board of your computer will not be used any more. If you have a trapdoor memory expansion in your A500 computer, it can remain in it's place, but ACE2b will automatically switch it off - even if it does not have a switch. This way, you can install a trapdoor memory expansion for it's realtime clock, even if the memory part of that expansion is not working any more.

While the functionality of ACE2b is not new to the Amiga world, we dare to claim that it's the easiest to install with the fewest possibilities for error. However, it's by far more complicated to install than many other product of ours, so you may need to get help from an expert if you have never removed a PLCC chip from it's socket before.

ACE2b uses an ECS Agnus that is switchable between PAL and NTSC video mode by software. It is compatible with Genlock interfaces. ACE2b starts up in NTSC mode. If you own an ACA500 or ACA500plus, you can fix the video mode to your preferred setting.

Pictures may vary; A500 board shown for illustration purpose only, computer is not in the scope of delivery.