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New Commodore C64c replacement cases for your "outdated" C64 or C64c. If your C64 is yellowed, torn, has nasty holes or do you just want to give it a new color? Then one of these cases is for you: Build a completely new C64 in the 21st century, or take restoration to the top level. This is an officially licensed Commodore product, made in Germany with the original C64c molds.

The molds have been continuously reworked to improve production quality. Due to the modern plastic, the choice of colours and the old molds, binding seams and sprues are visible for production reasons (see photos). This becomes most visible on darker colours. The desired variety of colours was more important to us and ultimately outweighed the perfection of the visual appearance. We would like to emphasize that the imperfections are not a sign of bad production quality, but of the genuine toolings that are now 35 years old. Detailed plastic flow analysis just wasn't invented in 1986!

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Classic Beige

Retro Black

Breadbin Gray

SX-64 style


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