Keyrah V2

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Keyrah V2 is the revised version of our popular Keyrah interface. Keyrah V2 allows you to connect the keyboards of classic computer systems like the Commodore 64 or the Amiga 1200 to modern computers (e.g. PC, Mac, or the Raspberry Pi) via USB. It also supports digital joysticks of such classic systems, translating the joystick events to key strokes. Supported systems with this model are:

  • Commodore C64 (all models)
  • Commodore VIC-20 (VC20)
  • Commodore C16
  • Amiga 1200
  • Amiga 600

The following systems can be made compatible by mounting additional connectors on the circuit board:

  • Commocore C128
  • Commodore C128D
  • Commodore C116
  • Commodore plus/4

Unlike the previous version, this revised edition of the Keyrah interface supports all these systems in a single version. You just choose the system with a jumper setting.

Keyrah V2's new switch allows you to switch between the standard and the emulation keymap (just like the old Keyrah did), and it still looks like the original power switch of the Commodore 64. Now there's a third switch position that allows you to send an ACPI signal to shut down/power up your computer. To avoid triggering the shutdown procedure by accident, this third position is not locked, so the switch will always flip back from it if not held in place. For further safety, the ACPI signal is only sent to the computer after being held in this position for one second.

The box includes the Keyrah V2 circuit board and a printed manual. USB cable is not included. Pictures may vary. Since june 2018, the board is blue. The internal product name has therefore been changed to "Keyrah V2b".