RapidRoad USB

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From 4,51

RapidRoad is our answer to the high demand for USB products for classic Amiga computers. RapidRoad is a dual-port USB2.0 High-speed (480MBit) host module. It comes with a license for the most versatile and compatible USB stack that exists for the Amiga: Poseidon by Chris Hodges. With it's dual-interface design, it can be used with almost all types of Amiga computers. Requirements are:

  • 68020 or higher M68k processor
  • 2.5MByte free fastmem (recommended: 4Mbytes)
  • free clockport or X-Surf-100 networking card
  • installed MUI (magic user interface - free download from Aminet)
  • OS3.0 up to OS3.9
  • transfer method for large downloaded files to your Amiga (physical media is NOT included!)

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RapidRoad USB module