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From 32,07

Silversurfer is a high-speed serial port for the clockport of an Amiga, or for the expansion port(s) of many iComp products.

  • for A1200 and Buddha Flash
  • compatible with the four clock-ports on the Z4 A1200 Zorro board
  • optional adapter for A600 and old Buddha/Catweasel Models
  • Baudrate up to 460800 Baud, MIDI compatible
  • supports low Baudrates and long Cables
  • low CPU-Load because of large Fifos
  • serial port 25-pin (IBM-standard, so 9-pin Sub-D is possible as well)
  • superflat design, fits with all known A1200 expansions (even with BVision!)
  • easy installation of the Hardware: colour photo print included (Basic version only)
  • easy installation of the Software: just boot from the disk!
  • compatible with digital cameras, Miami, terminal programs, fax programs, and all programs using the serial.device
  • compatible with Melody 1200 Sound expansion on the same clock-port
  • Up to ten Silversurfer boards in one Computer supported

Silversurfer is the alternative for the cost-conscious user if you want to expand your Amiga with a serial interface. We did our best to reduce the price without having to make any compromises in value and performance: The top baudrate is higher than most serial accessories can handle, the software is simply one-hundred percent, and there are numerous ways to connect the board to an Amiga.

Naturally, the Silversurfer cannot avoid every place in the computer. There's a mechanical conflict with Mikronik and RBM Zorro-expansions that cannot be resolved, but this is totally compensated by the Silversurfer supporting the four clock-ports of the new Z4-board for the Amiga 1200. In fact, the Silversurfer is the first card on the market to support these ports!

If you don't want to change your Zorro-board, you can operate the Silversurfer on the clock-port of the Buddha Flash controller, and that fits into any Amiga with Zorro-Slots.

Another advantage over competing products is the excellent drivers: Low CPU load for uninterrupted multitasking and compatibility with all the software we know, together with an unparalleled ease of installation make the Silversurfer first-choice for anyone. No matter if you're using an A600 without accelerator or a fully equipped A4000 - Silversurfer will move your data securely.

For drivers and technical details look at our WIKI

Silversurfer installed in A1200