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The A2048 is our answer to a problem that customers are only aware of after they have opened their A500 computer: If it's a Rev.8 board, then expanding chip ram is not possible with standard solutions such as our ACE2b product. So far, the only possibility has been to heavily modify the board to become a full A500+ computer, with all the risks and challenges involved, including purchasing memory and logic chips and soldering on a classic computer.

The A2048 targets those who are willing to solder on their rev.8 board, but want to make this as simple as possible, keeping everything reversible and by that, preserving the state of the computer "as original as possible". If you want to upgrade your A500 Rev.8 board to 2MBytes of chip ram, then the A2048 is not only a simple solution, but also a very cost-effective one, as all Rev.8 boards have been shipped with a 2MByte Agnus type: Today a hard-to-find part! If 2MByte of graphics memory is what you're looking for, please read the modification guide in our Wiki. Note that all modifications are on the main board of the computer only. No further soldering needs to be done on the A2048, so product warranty is not affected.

Another mode of operation is to use the A2048 in an A500+ computer, expanding it to 2Mbytes of chip ram with no need for soldering.

Although it is possible to also use this card in other A500 models, this is not recommended, as the expansion is too expensive for that, and it will not work reliably with older Agnus types 8370 and 8371. Instead, please look at our A512 product.

The A2048 also features a connector for our RTC module.

A2048 memory expansion