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The A604n is not just a 1MByte chipram expansion that brings the computer to it's maximum chipram size of 2MBytes; it provides much more than that! Despite the congested space inside of the A600, we've found a way to add multiple expansions:

  • a clockport for the RTC module
  • a clockport for standard A1200 expansion devices
  • a secondary clockport with higher speed for Subway or our RapidRoad Highspeed USB module
  • a socket for the flickerfixer Indivision ECS

Even with all these expansions installed at the same time, you can still close the case of your Amiga 600. If used as a memory expansion only, the expansion can be installed without opening the computer. If you want to use the riser card, you will have to open the computer.

Please note that some of the pictures show expansions. None of the expansions is included in the package. The package includes the memory expansion and the small riser card with the mounting bracket. Pictures may vary.