ACA1221 around the world license

Available for immediate delivery

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40% off!

Caution: Not for ACA1221ec or ACA1221lc. These are always fully licensed.

This license will enable all features of the ACA1221:

* 63MBytes of memory

* 28MHz overclocking

* 1MByte MapROM

Caution: This license cannot be refunded!

This license code will override all previous licenses and refunds. If an upgrade has been previously refunded, it will be re-licensed with this universal license.

Overclocking success is not guaranteed. We recommend using the CA-PSU for highest probability of overclocking success.

Note about taxes for downloadable products: While this shop system will display the price as "tax-free", taxes will be automatically paid by us in your home country, if they apply. You will get a PDF invoice showing the exact VAT that we have paid.

sample picture. Actual product is a download!