Autofire Module

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The Autofire-Module adds speed-adjustable autofire capability to a standard joystick: Both speed and pulse width are adjustable only with joystick inputs. Additionally, four arbitrary user defined joystick movement sequences can be programmed into the device that can be recalled when repetitive movements are required during a game. Programming such sequences is currently only possible with a C64 or C128 in C64 mode.

The Autofire-Module works with all computers that use a DB9 connector for "Atari compatible" joysticks, and which provides +5V at pin 7 (for example Atari, Commodore, Amiga, MSX).

Due to the form factor of the DB9 connector at the module, it will not fit directly into the joystick ports of some computers. We know of the following computers where you'll need an extension cable: Atari 65XE, Atari 130XL, Atari 1200XL, Atari XEGS and Atari ST series.

Programming movement sequences requires the computer to change the signals on the joystick port to "output". This is impossible on most computers, unfortunately also on the Amiga. However, you can use our C64 to program a movement sequence, which is then stored in non-volatile memory of the Autofire-Module. After programming, these sequences are available on any other computer.

For detailed specifications and related downloads please look at our wiki.