C64c Transparent

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New Commodore C64c replacement cases for your "outdated" C64 or C64c. If your C64 is yellowed, torn, has nasty holes or do you just want to give it a new colour? Then this case is for you: Build a completely new C64 in the 21st century, or take restoration to the top level. This is an officially licensed Commodore product, made in Germany with the original C64c molds.

These transparent cases are made from pure polycarbonate (PC) material - the industry standard for durable transparent plastics, also used for CDs and automotive head lights. Since the original molds were never intended to be used for making transparent cases, this will reveal surface imperfections on both sides of the case (especially the inside!). Further, small air bubbles may be visible near corners. The top sticker for this case is following the "Silver label" design that was used for the very first C64 computers before the "rainbow colour" design was established.

Package includes:

  • case top half with "silver label" sticker
  • case bottom half without sticker
  • two rubber stands, ten self-tapping plastic screws
  • user guide (colour printed)
  • White box with "Commodore" logo stickers
  • shipping includes outer (brown) box

To build a new C64, you will need in addition (not included):

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