Competition PRO Retro

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The Competition Pro has developed into a legend since its launch in the 80s. It could be found in millions of households throughout the world and delighted its users. For anyone who can still call a Commodore or Amiga computer his own, it has now returned: The new production run is now shipping exclusively from the iComp direct shop.

The Competition PRO Retro joystick features the original 9-pin D-Sub connector suitable for many retro-computers such as:

  • C64/C128
  • All Amiga models
  • Atari ST, Atari XL, Atari 2600
  • MSX Systems
  • FPGA systems like Chameleon, Minimig

The characteristic "clicking" of the joystick remains, because it's built with six durable micro switches. In addition to the standard "big" fire buttons, this joystick has two more fire buttons that can be switched off. Please notice that on the classic Competition Pro Joystick all Fire buttons trigger the same function. To use more, independent, buttons the joystick must be modified by the user.

For detailed specifications and related downloads please look at our wiki.