ECS Agnus 1MB

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This is a new old stock component, original Commodore spare part number 318069-02. Datecodes may vary between 1990 and 1991.

Exchanging the Agnus chip is a technician's job. You should only buy this chip if you have some experience exchanging chips in your Amiga. Delivery in anti-static packing.

The 8372A Agnus can be used as an upgrade from the 8370 or 8371 Agnus types, which have been used in A500 and A2000 computers. The upgrades system will give you a maximum of 1MByte chip ram, provided the amount of memory is present in your system. The ACA500plus will also let you switch between PAL and NTSC, which is not possible with the older 512k Chipram types that this chip replaces.

Delivery in antistatic packing.

Agnus 8372A