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This is a new old stock component, original Commodore spare part number 315107-01. Datecodes may vary. The part is also known as 6571-036 and it is compatible with Commodore part number 328191-02 or part number 6570-036. While the 6571 controller chip was only used in some A4000 keyboards and the CD1221 keyboard (for CDTV), the pinout and internal programming of the chip is identical to the chip that has been used in A500/A2000/A3000 keyboards.

This chip is NOT compatible with the 6570-033 keyboard controller of the A1000 keyboard, and it is also not compatible with the 8049 controllers used on the German A2000a computers ("Braunschweig models", originally made by Cherry).

Exchanging the keyboard controller chip is a technician's job. You should only buy this chip if you have some experience exchanging chips in your Amiga that are soldered (not in a socket). Delivery in anti-static packing.

This set includes the keyboard controller chip and a socket. In case of a revocation, you only need to send back the controller chip in it's antistatic packing. We want to encourage everyone to salvage and repair Amiga keyboards, but we don't want unused spare parts to just sit on a shelve looking pretty.

Limited availability - please mind the maximum quantity of one per customer.

6571 keyboard controller