4-player adapter

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This little adapter plugs to the user port of the C64, C128, VIC-20 or CBM610 computers. It was originally used by the Commodore 64 game "Bombmania", but has now turned into the de-facto standard of 4-player solutions for the Commodore 8-bit line. It is supported by the following games:

  • Alone in the Green
  • Amazing Maze
  • Bombmania
  • Garrison
  • Hockey Mania
  • IK+ Gold
  • Marble Madness
  • M.U.L.E.
  • Phong!
  • Quadris
  • Quadtron
  • Rampage Gold
  • Snacks 4 Snakes
  • Space Lords
  • Square Attack
  • Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road
  • Tanks 3000
  • Team Patrol
  • Tour de France 2005

Although mechanically compatible, this adapter does not work on the Commodore plus/4.

For detailed specifications and related downloads please look at our wiki.

Pictures vary. We are now shipping the 2018 version of the adapter, which is slightly bigger and more robust, but functionally identical to the previous versions.