Lyra Keyboard adapters

Available for immediate delivery

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Lyra lets you use a PC keyboard as an Amiga keyboard. While the older Lyra only had the choice of two keymaps, Lyra 2 and Lyra 3 let you do distinct changes to the keymap for certain keys, giving you lots of options that would require a lot of different keymaps, but also a lot of jumpers. These newer versions of Lyra store their configuration in non-volatile memory inside the adapter.

Lyra is compatible with all PS/2 keyboards and USB keyboards that support the PS/2 protocol (these are easily identified by the adapter that's shipped with the keyboard). Lyra is also perfect for use with a KVM switch. Configuring Lyra 2/3 is done without drivers, just by hitting the right key combinations. All configuration data is saved in non-volatile memory, so Lyra 2/3 will remember it even if you switch off power of your Amiga.

Lyra 3 even allows you to set a full-custom keyboard mapping from PC to Amiga keys.

Please choose the type of Amiga that you want to use Lyra with.