Nordic Replay

Available for immediate delivery

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Nordic Replay is the successor to the Retro Replay. Originally redesigned as a DIY kit, it is now available as a fully-assembled and boxed product, ready to be used with C64 and C128(*) computers. Compared to it's predecessor "Retro Replay", the logic chip was slightly updated to also support the extra mapping mode of the "Atomic Power" and "Nordic Power" ROMs, while maintaining compatibility with the popular "Action Replay" ROMs. However, the extended hardware of Nordic Replay with it's extra RAM (32kBytes) and extra Flash memory (2x 64KBytes) is best utilized by the Retro Replay ROMs.

Nordic Replay is shipped with a Retro Replay ROM pre-flashed. Key features of the Retro Replay ROM are:

  • freezer for making backups, even of protected software
  • machine language monitor
  • fastload: loads 202 blocks in under 8 seconds!
  • Single-keystroke commands for directory, Load, Run and more
  • Sprite killer and Pokefinder for game cheating
  • Floppy utilities: Whole disk copier and fast-formatter
  • Basic Toolkit with many new functions like OLD, MERGE, direct entry of Hex numbers and more

Please mind that iComp is not the author of the Retro Replay ROMs, hence support can only be provided for hardware issues. ROMs are included with kind permission of the authors CyberpunX, who provide software documentation in their Replay Resources Wiki.

Technical details of Nordic Replay for developers can be found in our Wiki.

(*): In C64 mode