SuperPLA V3

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SuperPLA is a replacement part for the Commodore PLA chips which are based on the 82S100 chip. SuperPLA does NOT add any functionality, but replaces a chip that often breaks on vintage Commodore computers. A broken PLA will keep the whole computer from working - SuperPLA is meant for repair jobs like this, but also for the C64 Reloaded.

SuperPLA has been available in various versions, which are all united in the latest V3 now. Jumpers on the bottom side of the product are used to configure the board for the different target computers:

  • C64 (socket U17, Assy no. 326298, 250407, 250425, 250466. Assy. no. 250469 is not supported.)
  • C64 Reloaded (socket U17)
  • C610 (socket U118)
  • C710 (socket U118)
  • 264 series: C16 (socket U16), C116 (socket U101), Plus4 (socket U19)
  • 1551 Floppy Cartridge
  • PET (socket UE5)

If ordered with a C64 Reloaded, SuperPLA V3 will be pre-installed on the board, which of cource comes in antistatic packing. If ordered without C64 Reloaded, SuperPLA V3 will be shipped in separate antistatic packing. This product is shipped without printed manual. Details can be found in the Wiki article for the SuperPLA.

SuperPLA V3 does not work with the "Epyx Fastload cartridge", which was popular in the US.