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The X-Surf-500 is a 100MBit networking card for the ACA500 and ACA500plus accelerators. The key features are:

  • 100MBit physical link rate
  • Sana-II device for use with OS2.0 or higher
  • AmiTCP license (latest 2018 version) included
  • GUI for simple network settings
  • DHCP client included
  • works with 68000-based systems

While basic Ethernet functionality is not new to the Amiga world, the X-Surf-500 takes "ease of use" to a new level never seen before on the Amiga. This starts at installing the TCP/IP stack, which is simply done with a few mouse clicks. For those users who don't like to edit configuration files and make manual settings, we've added a graphical user interface that allows simple settings for the most common networking cases, including IP address setting through DHCP, which was not available with AmiTCP before.

For expert users who would like to use the TCP/IP stack "Roadshow", there's also good news: Our graphical user interface can also work with Roadshow, adding a key functionality to that stack which many people have been missing badly for a long time.

While most A500-based systems will not have the CPU power to run a web browser, the X-Surf-500 demonstrates that "Network" is a lot more than just the world wide web. One example is a free service that we're launching with the release of the X-Surf-500: The "iComp drive". If you double-click on the "mount iComp" icon after the automatic installation is complete, the computer will mount a network drive that can be used as if it was a local harddrive. Your Amiga can directly access files that are hosted on our servers through that drive: You always have access to the latest versions of drivers and support programs for our products without the need for an additional, internet-connected PC and a data transfer method.

Owners of the ACA500plus need to perform two updates to the flash, which are both available in our Wiki: The "network installer update" and the latest menu update (V0.125 or higher). Owners of the ACA500 should place their order for an X-Surf-500 with a member account in order to get access to the AmiTCP Installation disk through this shop site. Registering on icomp.de is free of charge. Physical media such as a floppy disk or a CD is NOT included.

Pictures show an ACA500plus and a networking cable, which are both not in the scope of shipment. The GUI screen shots show the German localized texts. If your OS is set to English, texts will be shown in English.