ACA500plus delivered, cash payment at iComp

The ACA500plus has kept us busy since it's introduction in december 2016: After less than four months, the all-rounder for the A500 is already one of the most successful products in company history. While our shop system is still not showing any stock, the average wait time for a card has gone down to just three days. Only a fraction of the customers had a waiting time of more than a week. We'd like to say thank-you to all our customers for a great start into the year 2017!

Starting in April 2017, our customers from Germany and areas close to the German border will be able to pay in cash for their orders from our shop through our partner If you go shopping next time at Rewe, Penny, dm and many other retail stores, you can also pay for your order from our shop and use either cash or the cards that are accepted in those stores. This way, safety-conscious customers have the best protection of their bank data. offers buyer protection, and also a refund in cash in case you make use of your right of revocation. We will get an instant notification of your payment, so your parcel may already be on it's way before you get back home.

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