C64 Reloaded frequently asked questions

We're getting a lot of questions about the C64 Reloaded and the currently running auction. This news item gives the answers.

The 20 highest bidders of the currently running auction will get a board with serial number. Only the highest bidder gets to choose his serial number. For the other 19 bidders, the serial number will be decided by lot. All other boards will only get the 5-digit warranty code. The boards that are sold in the auction will be signed at buyer's option.

For sales through our online shop, we will limit the number of boards per customer to two. We have implemented automatic checks for this limit in our shop system.

For maximized fairness during sales of the remaining boards, we will not put up our whole stock for sale at the same time. Instead, we will put up smaller quantities on different days and at different times, so C64 fans from all continents and time zones will have a chance to order. The dates and times for the next batch to be sold will be published in the shop system.

Shipping cost within Germany will be 6,90 EUR. For shipping within the EU, to Norway and Switzerland, the cost will be 12,10 EUR. For shipping to all other countries, it'll be 24,- EUR. Since we'll add higher insurance to all shipments containing a C64 Reloaded, these prices are slightly higher than the amount that our shop system usually quotes.

All C64 Reloaded boards will be equipped with the VSP-fix. You can find a technical description of this innovation in our Wiki.

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