First C64 Reloaded boards completed

The first C64 Reloaded boards have passed our quality control. A very small quantity can be equipped almost completely with so-called new-old-stock chips: These chips were never installed in any other computer before. Only the video chip has been used before.

These exclusive boards will now be auctioned in an e-Mail auction.

Bidders can choose if the C64 Reloaded shall be equipped with ZIF sockets (green) or with turned precision sockets (black) for the four chips SID, VIC-II, CPU and PLA. Further, please mention your desired video norm PAL or NTSC. If you want the PLA or the 8701 timing generator to be replaced by our replacement circuits for PLA or CSG8701, please mention this in your e-Mail.

Bidding starts at 200,- EUR and all bids will be treated confidential. Please send your bid to We will evaluate all bids on monday may 4th, 2015 at 18:00 CET. If you have placed more than one bid, we will only evaluate your last bid, not your highest. If bidders make equal bids, the earlier bid will win. Winning bidders will be informed by e-Mail that the money needs to be transferred to our account on or before monday may 11th, 2015. If the money has not been credited to our account on that day, your bid will automatically expire. Shipping cost will be added to the winning bid(s). Our decision(s) are final and not subject to legal recourse.

In the night to tuesday may 5th, 2015, regular sales of the remaining C64 Reloaded boards for fixed prices and fixed configurations will start. These boards will will be equipped with mostly used chips or empty ZIF sockets.

Pictures vary: Only selected configurations shown, cartridge bracket not installed.

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