individual Computers sponsors vbcc

The cross-compiler vbcc is under constant development; a new version V0.9f has been released today. We have decided to sponsor the project, which helps to continue this development. With our help, the terms of use could be relaxed: Everyone may now freely use vbcc to develop 68k-AmigaOS code for commercial as well as non-commercial usage. For details please refer to the license files in the download-archive available from Frank Wille's page.

Volker Barthelmann, author of the core C compiler said: "We thank iComp GmbH for the confidence in vbcc and hope that this step will help in the creation of new software for the Amiga-68k."

Jens Schönfeld, owner of iComp GmbH added: "More and more people are returning to the Amiga, as our numbers are showing. We're glad to give something back to the community and encourage everyone to try out your first "Hello World!".

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