Indivision ECS V2 and ACA500plus soon available

Starting today, pre-orders for Indivision ECS V2 and ACA500plus are open.

For the second production run of the ACA500plus, we've done a few small upgrades to adapt the card to the needs of our customers that were communicated in support cases and other customer feedback. Some customers were not satisfied with the speed of the card, which is why we have changed to the new CPU type 68SEC000. For this processor we can't just guarantee 14.1MHz, but stable operation up to 21MHz. It is of course still possible to set the CPU frequency to up to 42MHz, but since this is very demanding for the power supply regulation and cooling, this is not covered by standard customer support.

We've also updated the DisMo: The 2-digit display is now bigger, and the status LED is not two- but three-colour. The button has been moved to a more ergonomic position. Despite these upgrades, the increase in price for the ACA500plus is very moderate.

When Indivision ECS was released in 2009, scan line emulation was still special. Over the years, other products and emulators have copied our idea. We've now refined this feature: The scan line emulation in Indivision ECS V2 can be carefully adjusted, so the effect can be set according to individual taste.

We often got questions about how to adjust the picture to be full-screen. Often times, this was not possible without adding black bars around the picture, because the resolution of the Amiga-output had an unfavourable size relation to the resolution of the screen. With the new upscaler in Indivision ECS V2, it is now much simpler to adjust the picture size and keep the correct aspect ratio. The scaler of Indivision ECS V2 is geared towards keeping the "pixel-art" appearance of the picture, and can be adjusted in very small steps to introduce only the lowest-possible blur that's always introduced by a scaler.

We have entered a delivery date of december 22nd for both products. However, we will already start shipping next week, but cannot guarantee when a shipment will leave here due to the high demand for both products. Parcels will be shipped in the order of incoming money transfers.

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