Keyrah V2 available in stores from may 20th

Keyrah lets you use keyboards and joysticks of classic computers on the USB port of a modern PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi. We have given our popular product a complete makeover and we'll be able to serve the increased demand starting may 20th, 2013.

The most important change in version 2 is that there is no difference between country-specific keyboard layouts any more. Also, Keyrah V2 does not make a difference between 8-bit computers and Amiga any more: The different versions and layouts can now be chosen with a jumper setting. The following keyboard models are supported out of the box:

  • C64 (all models)
  • VIC-20
  • C16
  • Amiga 1200
  • Amiga 600

The following keyboards can be used with some soldering and added parts (available separately):

  • C128D
  • C128
  • C116, plus/4

In addition to the keyboard, you can use up to two digital joysticks that behave as if the user would press keys on a keyboard.

The first version of Keyrah was already equipped with a replica switch that resembled the C64 power switch. It was used to choose between one of two keyboard layouts: One for everyday use, and the other for use in an emulator. This switch is also available on Keyrah V2, and it has a third non-latching position: If you press and hold the switch in this position for more than one second, the ACPI-signal is sent to the computer, which will either shut down, or go into a power saving mode, depending on the settings in your operating system.

Keyrah V2 is shipped in retail packing with a short manual. An off-the-shelve USB cable is required separately. The recommended retail price of Keyrah V2 is 34,90 EUR (*).

Just like with the first version of Keyrah, we would like to emphasize that we cannot support gutting out functional classic computers. Keyrah V2 is only meant for giving new life to keyboards of irrepairably defective C64, Amiga or other computers.

(*)recommended retail price including 19% VAT. Price and VAT rate may differ in your country. Shipping cost may be added.

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