new products for C64 and Amiga

Due to popular demand, we've put a product for the C64 back into production that was previously only available from selected resellers. The PLA chip replacement SuperPLA will be back in stock starting september of this year. The revised edition will be available for 18,90 EUR (*) from all our retail partners.


SuperPLA V3 is meant for repair jobs and can be used in the following computers:

  • Commodore C64 (old model)
  • C16, C116, plus/4
  • Floppy-Cartridge 1551
  • Commodore 610
  • Commodore 710
  • Commodore PET (socket UE5)

The target computer is set by jumpers. The new, much more compact design has the jumpers moved to the back of the board.

Our new accelerator for the Amiga 500 has already been discussed in user forums, but will be released with some changes, so customer demand is met in both price and features. The ACA500 is powered by a 14MHz CMOS-68000 processor with 2MBytes RAM and a mass-storage controller for CF-cards and CD drives. Autoboot from CF-card is possible from Kickstart V1.3 and higher. Thanks to our TrueIDE technology, any CF card can be used, even if the card identifies as "removable device". A CD-ROM drive can be connected to the easily reachable IDE port on the side of the A500.
The relatively moderate increase in speed is enough to run WHDload. For those who want more CPU power, the ACA500 has a CPU-slot compatible with our accelerators for A1200 computers. This makes even our top model ACA1231 available to the A500 computer. The ACA500 will be available from all resellers for 79,90 EUR. We're currently negotiating about including Kickstart licenses into the ACA500, so the built-in flashrom can be pre-loaded with different Kickstart licenses.

Our new ACA1220 is powered by a full 16,67MHz 68020. For the A1200, this card can be considered a 128MByte-RAM expansion, but for the A500 with ACA500, this board is a turbo-tidbit that provides more memory than has ever been offered at this price: The ACA1220 will be available starting from 89,90 EUR.

ACA1220 prototype board

RTC module prototype RTC module installed on ACA1220 prototype

The ACA1220 can be expanded with a realtime clock. In an A500 setup, the RTC is already located on the trapdoor expansion, so it's not required there. If you're going to use the ACA1220 in an A1200, you can add an RTC for 19,90 EUR (*). Battery is not included.

The RTC-module can also be used with other accelerators or even without an accelerator in an A1200. For example, if you own an ACA1230 and haven't yet equipped it with the hard-to-find RTC chip, this module will solve your problem.

As a replacement for the sold-out ACA630, we'll have a new budget-accelerator for the A600, available in Q4/2012. It will be powered by a 16.67MHz 68EC020 processor and provides the popular maprom function, just like all our ACA cards do: Maprom allows executing Kickstart ROM from fast 32-bit memory, increasing execution speed considerably. The ACA620 provides 9+1MBytes of RAM (1MByte reserved for maprom-function). The target price is 99,90 EUR.

ACA620 prototype    ACA620 prototype installed in A600

The "big" Amiga models don't have to stand back: We'll have big memory for a small budget soon. The new BigRamPlus offers 256MBytes of memory for A3000(T) and A4000(T). The full-size Zorro-3 card will be available from all Individual Computers resellers at 99,90 EUR (*).

BigramPlus prototype installed in A4000D

(*)recommended retail price including 19% VAT. Price may differ in your country. Shipping cost may be added.

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