New products for C64 and Amiga

Today we have added the CSG8701 replacement circuit to our shop. The 8701-chip in C64 and C128 computers generates video and processor clocks. If this chip fails, a replacement is hard to find. Our replica circuit does not only contain the core functions of the chip, but also the required crystal. This way, it's even possible to convert a PAL C64 to NTSC and vice versa, if the required VIC-II chip is available. Such a modification job usually requires soldering, but with our CSG8701-replacement, soldering won't be required.

With BigRAM2630, we're offering an expansion for an Amiga accelerator for the first time: The Commodore A2630 is probably the most popular accelerator for the A2000 computer. However, the maximum amount of memory on that card is just 4MBytes. Even for such an old computer, that's not very much. BigRAM2630 adds 112MByte Fastmem to the system, and doesn't require any additional software installation. Starting today, we're accepting pre-orders for this expansion. If placed before start of production on september 26th, your order will be shipped on or before october 28th. If placed after production has started, we reserve the right to cancel the contract if production volume is too low.

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