new products, trade shows in october

For this year's Christmas business, we have developed new accelerators for the Amiga models A1200 and A600. Although these cards have faster processors than the priginal machines, our main goal was to provide a lot of memory instead of high CPU performance. The entry-level card for the A1200 with a 68EC030 CPU at 28MHz and with 64MByte ram will be priced at 99,- EUR. Although the card does not have an MMU, it can copy the Kickstart rom to it's fast memory in order to increase the overall system performance. We're also planning a faster version with MMU at a later point.

For the A600, the card comes with a full 68030 processor clocked at 25MHz and equipped with 32MByte ram. The price for this board is unknown at this point. Both boards are already in production and will be delivered to our resellers in november of this year. Detailed specifications of both cards will be published on the product pages in time before the boards are released.

By popular request, we have made another production run of C64 cartridge cases. We have added new colours to the portfolio, but the main change is a small detail on the case: Instead of the old click-close mechanism, it is now closed with a screw, which lets you re-open the case without damage. The new cartridge cases are already available from our resellers. You can find exact drawings of the cases on our product pages.

From october 22nd to october 24th, Amiwest is taking place in Sacramento, California, where we will show our new accelerators in public for the first time.

From october 26th to october 28th, the Broadband world Forum 2010 is taking place in Paris, France, where our VoIP router Nequester® will be shown at the booth of our partner Cologne Chip AG. If you're planning to visit us at booth G3, we're asking you to make arrangements for an appointment ahead of time, because we already have a very tight schedule during the show.

Nequester is a registered trademark of Individual Computers Jens Schönfeld GmbH
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