New versions: Buddha Install V1.4 and P96 V3.3.1

We've already published the new version V3.3.1 of the RTG software P96 a few days ago. Anyone who has purchased P96 in the past year automatically has access to this new version through the order history page of the user account:

  • Fixed changes between colour modes in the Cirrus GD5434 driver
  • Crash with WinUAE fixed: P96 now has a workaround for an error in WinUAE
  • Visiona driver extended with panning and interlace, and a workaround for flickering and sporadic hardware crashes
  • stability of Visiona driver improved by syncing critical settings with the VBlank signal

We'd like to say thank you to Thomas Richter and all customers for their honest purchase of this software. You are all helping to make this project profitable one day.

For the 25th anniversary of the Buddha controller, the install procedure got a complete overhaul which now covers many cases that didn't exist back when we first developed our own quick-install procedure. Our installer lets you install Workbench versions 1.3, 2.1 or 3.1, but previously had trouble when customers already had Kickstart ROMs V3.1.4 or V3.2 installed. The new installer is now capable of completing a WB3.1 installation, even if an incomplete Kickstart version V3.1.4 or V3.2 is in the system. The boot media will be prepared for using a CD/DVD drive, so a painless install of OS3.2 from CD is possible without further hardware. The new install procedure is available for free in our Wiki.

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