P96 V3.1.0 released

The new version of P96 is now available for download to all existing and new customers - just re-download the file from the order history of your user account. New customers should make a user account and log in, as download products are only visible to logged-in visitors.

This version keeps the Amiga-chipset active, even if the focus is on an RTG screen. This gives the appearance of a multi-monitor system, although it is not possible to move windows from one screen to another, like you may know it from more modern systems. To keep the Amiga-screen active, please set tooltype "DISPLAYCHAIN" to "No".

The Pixel64 driver has been fixed: Older drivers from "random" sources of the internet didn't reserve enough memory for sprites, trashing the mouse pointer, This corrected driver now uses the ateobus.library if it's present - but the driver will also work without this library.

The CV643D driver has been completely overhauled. This fixes display artefacts in high resolutions, enables all modes in Z-II mode, enables again a 24-bit BGR mode (though no screen dragging there), includes support for a new(!) planar mode, fixes the line drawer, the memory window support, border blanking, allows chip interrupts also in Zorro-II mode and many many other fixes.

This new version contains a slightly reworked CVIsionPPC driver that fixes minor clipping issues of its accelerated line drawer.

The complete list of changes would go beyond the scope of this news item, but we have published it in the article in our support forum.

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