P96 V3.2.2 released

The RTG driver P96 enjoys growing popularity: More then 40 paid downloads (more than a third of them for the full price or more) during the weeks since version V3.2.0 has been published, have taken us over the threshold of 30% cost coverage since we've taken ownership of the software in 2016. We'd like to send a big thank-you to the Amiga community for strong support and detailed bug reports in our support forum, which help us improve the software on a regular basis.

  • Version 3.2.2 attempts one more time to deal with broken software: If a program like Descent opens a planar screen mode, but combines it with chunky rendering routines, the new version 3.2.2 can display a correct picture despite this evident software error.
  • Sprite colours are now switched if the sprite travels from one screen to another in a split-screen environment. This fixes the colour of the mouse pointer during screen dragging.
  • masked blitting of planar bitmaps has been fixed: This fixes the "Palette"-preferences program.
  • If a split-screen (dragged screen) is used on a PIV-card, the video-window will not be disabled, but will pan together with the front screen. Note that P96 currently does not support video or memory windows on the back screen.

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