P96 V3.2.4 released

Version 3.2.4 of the popular RTG driver P96 corrects some errors when using native Amiga screen modes, and on the S3 chip driver, which is required when using the Cybervision graphics card. Along with work on the oMNiBus card, a bridge solution that makes an ET4000-based ISA card available to the Amiga, updates were also made on the Merlin drivers. Over the course of this work, it became clear that the hardware has severe limitations that prompt us to not make the ET4000/Merlin support a decisive factor for buying a copy of P96. Stability of the Merlin card has reached a maximum that is still not satisfying, even with the latest board/GAL updates done to the card. Although the oMNiBus/ET4000 combination is stable on a hardware level, it has the limitation that some cards don't even have a blitter. We therefore recommend to replace these cards with a modern solution, such as the ZZ9000 by MNT Research GmbH.

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