P96 V3.4.1 released

The new version V3.4.1 contains new drivers for the GBA-PII++ and VA2000 cards, and it makes installation on UAE a lot easier. Further, the driver for the A2410 "Tiga" card has been updated and overlays for the Picasso IV card have been fixed. Support for the Altais card for Draco machines has been improved, and P96Prefs also got an update.

Unfortunately, this current shop system has been giving us a hard time lately, with lots of problems during the order process, and even more problems when we tried to update the downloadable files. In order not to delay the release of this version any longer, we kindly ask all customers to be patient, as we're rolling out this version via eMail.

You can find more information in our support forum and the Wiki article about P96.

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