Shipping to Ireland and England possible again

We've been able to ship to Ireland with DHL for a while now, but starting today, it's possible with Parcel One again, saving our customers considerable amounts of money.

Parcels to England will be possible later this week. However, the contents must be worth at least 135 UKP (about 157 EUR at the moment). If the value would be below this threshold, iComp GmbH would have to register for paying VAT in the UK. This was not possible during the past months, as the websites of the UK Government Gateway are plain broken for registrations from Germany. Nobody we've tried to contact felt responsible for taking our taxes. We have therefore stopped our efforts of paying VAT in the UK.

Since we do not have an obligation to collect UK-VAT for goods worth more than 135 UKP, we have introduced this as a minimum value at checkout if the shipping address is in England. If this value is not reached, shipping will be shown as 999,- EUR, indicating that we can't process the order legally. We therefore recommend to organize group orders. However, if the total value of goods is more than 1000,- EUR, we have to do more customs paperwork that can't be handled through this shop system. Please contact us via eMail In such a case.

Update April 24th: Shipping to United Kingdom and Ireland is now open in our shop system; pricing has been adjusted to the latest conditions that our partners are quoting. Unfortunately, a last-minute update to the Parcel One price list results in no savings for our customers from Ireland. We continue to work on cost-effective shipping solutions.

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