Update for X-Surf networking card

The X-Surf networking card has been sold out for a few years now, but it got back into focus for many users with the release of the new TCP/IP stack "Roadshow". Although Roadshow lacks a graphical user interface and thus does not offer any comfort in setting up a network, the performance is stunning: In certain cases it's more than three times faster than AmiTCP or Miami, and for the first time now, the 10MBit limit of the X-Surf card could be saturated.

This has triggered bugs - not just in the X-Surf, but also in equipment that is connected to the card: When the X-Surf had to handle a defective packet, the computer would freeze sometimes. This bug has been fixed in version V1.3 of the x-surf.device.

Although official support for the X-Surf has ended years ago, we will answer support tickets for this card in the next few weeks for a limited time.

Update april 30th, 2013: Version V1.4 of the x-surf.device fixes further small bugs.

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