VoEC for customers from Norway

VoEC stands for "VAT on e-commerce". This means that customers from Norway are paying VAT already in our shop, which we will pay to the Norwegian state. In turn, parcels will be handled much faster at the border: Recipients of our parcels don't have to pay the standard handling fee of about 14,- EUR, and there are no further duties to pay if each component in the parcel is under 3000,- NOK (about 280,- EUR) - Norwegian customs call this "low value goods".

This new service will be applied to all Norwegian customers automatically. Customers who have placed a pre-order with us recently and wish to pre-pay VAT should contact us via e-Mail, mentioning the order ID of the pre-order. If you choose not to pre-pay VAT, parcels will be handled with standard border taxation.

While developing this new shop feature, prices were shown without the German VAT for a short period. This has caused confusion for some customers, because they believed that prices were dropped by 16%. This was just a display error, and all orders have been processed with VAT where applicable. We apologise for any inconvenience.


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