Summer holidays 2024

No shipments from July 22nd to August 2nd.

40% off ACA1221 upgrade

Huge discount on 2015/2016 ACA1221 card upgrades

P96 V3.4.1 released

The January 2024 version is now available.

Buddha Plus One pre-orders started, bundle offer (Update)

Buddha Plus One pre-orders have finally started, and you can get 15,- EUR off!

New Commodore license signed

C64 Reloaded and cases are avialable again in our shop.

P96 V3.4.0 released

Emulating EHB mode, supporting more graphics cards and a number of fixed bugs.

Summer holidays 2023

No shipments from July 1st to July 17th.

P96 V3.3.3 released

Bug fixes and new features for our RTG software have been made available today.

Promotion: Up to 50% off shipping cost!

Get a refund of up to 50% of your shipping cost by adding Micromys V5 to your shopping cart!

Last shipments of 2022 on December 29th

On December 29th, we will ship for the last time in 2022.

Some products not visible in our shop

We've switched off a few products to gain speed...

Summer holidays in July

No shipments from July 1st to July 15th.

New versions: Buddha Install V1.4 and P96 V3.3.1

New versions of the P96 software and the Buddha install procedure are now available.

P96 V3.3.0 released

The new version of the RTG driver P96 is now available.

Holidays @iComp

Shipments will continue on April 19th, 2022

P96 V3.2.4 released

The new version of the RTG driver P96 is now available.

P96 V3.2.2 released

The RTG driver P96 got yet another update.

P96 V3.2.1 released

The Christmas release of P96 just got an update.

ACA1234 CPLD Update

A CPLD update is required for early customers of the ACA1234.

Delivery of ACA1234 has started

Deliveries of ACA1234 accelerator pre-orders have started, but are not complete yet.

tax rate for Büsingen, Germany

Customers from Büsingen, Germany don't pay VAT in our shop.

iComp introduces EU-OSS

For deliveries to EU-countries, the local VAT rate will now be charged.

iComp joins

iComp's CO2 footprint is offset with the help of

P96 V3.1.2 released

Version 3.1.2 of the P96 RTG software is now available in our shop.

P96 V3.1.1 released

A new version of the P96 RTG software is now available.

New shipping option: UPS

Starting today, we're offering UPS shipment to Germany and central Europe.

AmigaOS V3.2 arrived

The CD-Version of Hyperion's AmigaOS V3.2 is available in our shop now.

P96 V3.1.0 released

The new version is visible for logged-in users in our shop.

New C64c cases: Pre-orders open!

New C64c cases will start shipping in July.

Shipments to England and Ireland suspended

Shipments to England and Ireland are now impossible with Parcel One either.

No DHL shipments to England and Ireland until further notice

We won't be able to ship to England or Ireland with DHL due to the worse Corona situation.

Chameleon and P96 Update, Buster-12, working hours until end of 2020

Updates for Chameleon and the P96 software package have been published. Shop orders will be shipped on every working day until the end of 2020.

VoEC for customers from Norway

Pre-paid VoEC speeds up parcels and reduces cost for customers from Norway.

P96-Update, company holidays and more

The past months are best described with delays, shipping problems and extremely complex developments.

P96 V2.4.4 published

A bugfix release is available to our customers now.

A sneak peek at the ACA1240/1260 cooling system

Almost one year ago, we've announced that we'll also offer accelerators with the "big" members of the Motorola family, the 68040 and 68060 CPUs.

P96 V2.4.3 published

A bugfix release is available to our customers now.

iComp does not exhibit at Amiga 34

In the past few weeks, many customers have asked why we are not shown on the exhibitors list of Amiga 34.

Company holidays 2019

No outgoing shipments between July 26th, 2019 and August 9th, 2019.

Buddha Flash software update

The firmware of the Buddha Flash IDE controller has been updated.

Chameleon V2 started shipping, partly delayed

The first Chameleon V2 were shipped today, but some pre-orders will be delayed by one day.

iComp confirms ownership of P96

By signing a software acquisition agreement with Tobias Abt and Alexander Kneer, iComp became the owner of the P96 RTG software.

2018: An exciting year is ending.

We've accomplished a lot - and plan a lot more!

Indivision ECS V2 and ACA500plus soon available

Pre-orders are open now. Both products have experienced upgrades.

Support Forum opened

The new forum replaces all previous support channels.

Vacation close-down until August 20th

Orders will be processed again starting august 20th, 2018.

GDPR: We don't change anything!

The German implementation of the general data protection regulation is taking effect today.

Buddha IDE returns

After more than 20 years, the IDE/Atapi controller is back in production.

Merry Christmas from team iComp

The team wishes a contemplative time and gives an outlook for the new year.

Commodore 64 Reloaded MK2 delayed

Delivery of the Commodore 64 Reloaded MK2 boards is delayed by about one week.

New shop function: Combined shipping

With this new shop function, our customers can save on shipping cost.

Holidays until october 9th

Orders will be processed again starting october 9th, 2017.

Website maintenance, iComp @ Nordlicht

Orders won't be shipped in the coming two days. Demoparty Nordlicht sponsored by iComp.

individual Computers sponsors vbcc

Today's release V0.9f got a new license with the help of iComp.

ACA500plus delivered, cash payment at iComp

The ACA500plus is shipped daily, customers from Germany can pay in cash soon.

ACA1221ec budget accelerator available

The ACA1221ec has reached our resellers and is now available worldwide.

Commodore Back In Germany

After a pause of several years, fans of classic computers worldwide can look forward to a series of Commodore PCs.

New products for C64 and Amiga

Two new products are now available in our shop.

Revision 2016 sponsoring

Individual Computers is Silver Sponsor of the Revision 2016.

e-mail server problems (update)

Due to problems with our e-mail server, the payment method "wire transfer" has been disabled temporarily.

New 68030 accelerator cards

Two new top models for the A1200 computer are now available in small quantity.

New function: product related news

Registered users can now subscribe to product related news.

Summer break 2015

Our online shop will not take any orders between june 26th and july 6th.

Server problems due to overload

At launch time of the C64 Reloaded, our server broke down under the extreme load.

C64 Reloaded launch date

our preparations are almost done - just a few more days!

C64 Reloaded frequently asked questions

We're getting a lot of questions about the C64 Reloaded and the currently running auction. This news item gives the answers.

First C64 Reloaded boards completed

The first C64 Reloaded boards have passed quality control. For a very small quantity, we are now doing an e-Mail auction.

Merry Christmas from iComp

The iComp team wishes merry Christmas!

Website maintenance

This website will be closed for maintenance in the week from november 15th to november 23rd.

RapidRoad USB starts shipping on October 20th, 2014

Our High-speed USB host controller "RapidRoad" will start shipping soon. We're already taking orders!

Competition PRO Retro joysticks shipping

The wait is over: Competition PRO Retro joysticks are now shipping.

re-launch of our website

After more than 14 years, we have given our websites a complete makeover.

C64 Reloaded: New C64 mainboards

Not an April Fool's Day joke: We'll be making new C64 mainboards.

Keyrah V2 available in stores from may 20th

Keyrah has become popular among fans of single-board computers such as the RPi. After we've been surprised by the high demand, we can now serve the increased demand for Keyrah with an improved version.

Update for X-Surf networking card

We're offering an improved version of the driver for the X-Surf networking card, which has been sold out years ago.

Hyperion and iComp sign license agreement

Individual Computers can now include Kickstart versions V1.3 and V3.1 with accelerators for selected Amiga models.

new products for C64 and Amiga

Golden times for C64 and Amiga: We've got six new products in the works for the best computers.

new products, trade shows in october

We'll be present at this year's Broadband World Forum and Amiwest. For Christmas business 2010, we'll be offering accelerators for Amiga computers for the first time. An improved version of our C64 cartridge case is already available.

Update for Indivision ECS

An improved version of the firmware for Indivision ECS is available.